Education, Our Future


Promoting A Reading Culture– Recognizing reading as a key component of learning, KEEP has as one of its focus, to promote a culture of reading among Liberian students. We do this through conducting regular reading sessions at schools, the establishment of reading spaces we call “Reading Rooms”, and Teachers training.

DSC_0997 Educational Supplies– KEEP supports various community and public schools by providing free educational supplies to facilitate the teaching of the teachers and learning of the students. We provide pencils, crayons, notebooks, sharpeners, pens, paint, etc.

Computer Literacy–  KEEP recognizes the need to decentralize education as well as provide a more equitable access to education, information and opportunities. Often students in the rural parts of Liberia do not have access to information and cannot compete with their counterparts in Monrovia due to lack of computer literacy skills. We provide teachers, students and other community dwellers who desire to learn how to operate a computer computer literacy lessons at low or no cost.

Advocacy– KEEP recognizes the many inequalities in Liberia, the need for people know their rights and to teach them how to advocate for their rights, advocates on several issues including child rights, violence against children, abuse, etc.

gfGirls Empowerment- KEEP engages in women & girls’ empowerment, economic livelihood, access to justice, promotion of rights in schools.

p5Life-skills Training- KEEP teaches young girls the craft of sewing, which is one of the meangingful trades that young women understand quickly.

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