The Kids’ Educational Engagement Project, (KEEP,) on Friday October 1, 2021, dedicated a Reading Room in Slakpawein, Margibi County. The mini library is the 25th across 9 of Liberia’s 15 counties. The dedicatory program was attended by Her Execellency Jewel Howard Taylor, Vice president of the Republic of Liberia, the school administration, the community and the dedicated and committed team of KEEP Liberia.

Mrs. Moore, Executive Director of Kids’ Educational Engagement Project, (KEEP), excitedly shared that the facility marks the 25th of Reading Room since the establishment of the organization in 2014. In her remarks, Mrs. Moore said she’s always deliberate in taking the works of her organization to places where others don’t want to go and that make it difficult for KEEP in terms of collaboration.  ‘It is also good for us because it makes KEEP to be the torchbearer in encouraging the kids and it also means that we are living up to our mission and vision statements by serving the under privileged population.’

The Executive Director told the audience gathered that there are 1,505 different kinds of books placed on shelves in the reading room worth over US$12,000. “the books are the most valuable part of this project as there is a lot of hassle that goes into brining books into Liberia. We have to ship these books either from the USA or the UK and when the books arrive in Liberia; we also have to clear them from the port and again transport them to a safer place before distributing them to established facilities like this one today. This is to tell you how expensive these books are, so please value them.” Mrs. Moore used the occasion to call on parents and the administration of the school to keep watch on the students not to tear out pages from the books and use them wrap up bread or use then in the toilet.

Mrs. Moore- KEEP’s Executive Director

Meanwhile, the Executive Director extended her heartfelt gratitude to the community of Slakpawein for their support to getting the facility to its completion and dedicatory stage and Dr. Brownell who has given technical support through phone calls and other means. Mrs. Moore lauded Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia for financing the project. She said VP Taylor is among few Liberian women who would promise and live up to their words. “It also shows trust and commitment to the work we do. It further speaks to us her (VP) level of commitment to supporting literacy in Liberia.” Mrs. Moore stressed that supporting literacy is better than organizing fabulous parties where people would go, make merry and forget about everything the next day. She continued that it is the beginning of an enrichment program for the children of the community. The Executive Director then calls the children to have fun with their new facility. “With these books you will travel all over the world to see and know places.”  She encouraged them.

Invited Guests

Meanwhile, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, vice president of the Republic of Liberia, expressed her  thanks and appreciations to Mrs. Moore and her team at KEEP Liberia for their commitment in supporting education in Liberia. Madam Taylor said she has followed Mrs. Moore on Instagram and the amazing works she and her team has been doing across the country. “When I first thought of doing a project in this part of Margibi County, and when I contacted Dr. Brownell, the only person who came to our mind was Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore. Her organization does incredible works around education and so we believe in her. I am pleased to join other friends on this joyous day.” Thank you, Mrs. Moore.  She told the audience that the dedication of the facility is the beginning of an enrichment program which has been set in motion.  VP Taylor then call on the parents and teachers to take ownership of the facility as it will impart the lives of their children. She narrated how important it is for parents to educate their children. She continued that nothing is more important to a nation than prioritizing the education of its people. The VP again thanked Mrs. Moore and all the KEEPers for their commitment and hard work.

“We are proud of your work and this is the beginning of a long term partnership. Thank you for your service to the Liberian children and also thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve.” She said.

Utilizing used containers, the space was created alongside two other classrooms which will now serve as an enrichment space for preschoolers in support of efforts to ensure children of school going age enroll in school at the approximate age and prepare for formal classroom setting. It is being managed under the Go-Ye Ministries headed by Dr. Lincoln Brownell.