On February 6, 2021, with the support of UFOUND Solutions, the Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) dedicated its Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) reading room in memory of Mr. Mark Carlton Carr.

It can be recalled that in February 2020, KEEP and Ms. Roseline Toweh, Secretary General of the YWCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Resource Center at its Central Compound in Congo town, Montserrado. The Center’s establishment would be sponsored by the UFound Solutions Group, headed by Ms. Wadei Powell.

This center became a reality in June 2020, however, due to the COVID19 lockdown, the formal dedication was postponed.

Gracing the intimate dedication ceremony was the Sponsor of the room, Ms. Powell who commended KEEP for the hard work and encouraged the organization to remain  resilient  regardless of the challenges. She noted her relationship with KEEP and its founder, Mrs. Moore started several years back from as far as the inception of the organization during the height of EBOLA. She further noted that she continues to support the organization because it has demonstrated transparency and accountability over the years.

Madam Powell noted “I’m encouraging the young people in here today to continue to read and make use of the opportunity provided by KEEP. We purposely established  this room  with the intent of mentoring young women and girls who are challenge in their struggles to achieving their goal. I was  actually raised by a single mother but today my siblings and I are empower” she added.

Madam Powell emotionally revealed that February 6 marked the birthday of the late Mr. Carlton Carr, someone who was very selfless in giving to others. She also added that the YWCA Reading room is dedicated in memory of Mr. Mark Carlton Carr whose life revolved around giving and serving others. Madam Powell through UFOUND  launched the “Donate-a-Chromebook program” to support the Center and other KEEP reading rooms around the country. “Our target is 50 Chromebooks.

They’re around UD$ 200-250 each. I’m counting on my entire network of friends and families  to donate to this purpose and help make it a success” You can’t imagine what good your contribution will do towards changing  the lives of many in this community” she added.

Madam Brenda B. Moore, Executive Director of KEEP praised UFOUND Solution for their continued support over the years and extended KEEP gratitude to Madam Powell for her commitment to the organization. Madam Moore said the organization has a target of 250 kids set  to benefit from the computer literacy program  this year  but the number of computers on hand are insufficient for the program. She was grateful for the offer and encourage UFOUND and other charity organizations and individual to do the same.

YWCA Reading room located in Congo Town commenced its slow paced operated in June of 2020. It must also be noted that the reading room with an approximate holding capacity of 55 students is considered one of the frequent reading spaces visited among all others. Ideally located within Montserrado, the room has the highest number of influx and could not boost of computer training sessions conducted for kids ever Saturday for a three-month period.

KEEP is a registered charity in Liberia and the USA (#821262396) which supports various educational activities in Liberia with a mission to provide various resources that would facilitate access to primary education by engaging with parents, community leadership, establish community structures, and to promote social justice and development of vulnerable children and youth by strengthening their capacities. You can follow their work on www.keepliberia.com (blog) or website www.keeplib.org