On September 8, 2020, Liberia joined other nations across the world to observe World International Literacy Day. The global theme was “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond”. Due to the COVID19, the Day was observed virtually.

The virtual event was graced by several education stakeholders, and the keynote address was delivered by Deputy Minister for Instruction, Hon. Alexander Duopu.

During the event, KEEP was recognized and received a Special Literacy Award for its contributions to the education sector in promoting literacy in Liberia. A formal presentation was made to the Executive Director of KEEP, Madam Brenda Brewer Moore, on September 14, 2020, at the Ministry of Education.

Making Opening Remarks at the Presentation Ceremony, Assistant Minister for Basic Education, Hon. Felecia Doe-Sumah noted that the award and recognition is being given to KEEP for not only its work with the creation of safe conducive reading spaces, but also the development of child-friendly and culturally-relevant books written for Liberian students. 

The Assistant Education Minister noted that in the last 3 months, KEEP has produced and published three books, with the most recent being launched on September 12, 2020.

Presenting the award on behalf of the Ministry, Minister of Education Hon. D. Ansu Sonii, M observed  that the work of KEEP is exemplary, commendable and visible.

Minister Sonii noted that KEEP has chosen the path of human development which has the every aspect of a foundation.

“The development of the mind of men is the most critical task any nation can invest in”, the Minister of Education said.

He likened KEEP’s work to the parable in the Bible where God gave “talents” to several people and people chose how to use their talents. Some use their talents to shine even brighter and impact the world. Others, he said, did not.

Minister Sonii noted that KEEP has been making its mark across Liberia through the creation of its Reading Rooms, Reading Promotion Programs and other literacy projects. He encouraged the organization to continue to impact the education sector in its unique way.

Receiving the award, Madam Brenda Brewer Moore thanked the Ministry for the recognition and said it serves as a motivation to the organization to remain on its mission. She noted that the organization’s work compliments the work of the Government and the Ministry and sees the partnership as one that truly benefits the children of Liberia.

She commented that since the organization opened its first Reading Room in 2016, it has opened 20 rooms in 9 counties. She noted that they are proud to always say KEEP goes to locations other local organizations and even international organizations do not go due to the difficulty in accessing the locations.

She reaffirmed her organization’s commitment to support the education sector where it can, and said that KEEP is proud of their efforts and truly appreciates the recognition.