One of the core objectives of KEEP is to promote a reading culture among students. To do this, we have been establishing safe, conducive, and child-friendly reading spaces across the country. We have also been conducting regular reading sessions we call “Reading Hour”. During these reading sessions, we encourage reading through storytelling, reading aloud, creative arts, and regularly have visiting reading volunteers who come by to read to and with the kids.

These volunteers include parents from the community, local leaders as well as public and officials. Over the past several months, we are pleased to have had several volunteers from all walks of life who have spent time inspiring the kids to read more, and shared information about their professions and their countries.

ActionAid Liberia’s Country Director, Ms. Lakshmi Moore
SRIMEX CEO, Ms. Wadei Powell
Ms. Sara E. Buchanan
Ms. Christine Brooks Jarrett
CEO of Kreative Zone, Roland Washington
Ms. Parneh Mallobe
Mrs. Monique Cooper Liverpool
Swedish Ambassador to Liberia Ingrid Wetterqvist