On May 1, 2019, the Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) dedicated a 5 room learning Resource Center in Cestos city, Rivercess county.

The building brings to 3 the number of Learning Resource Centers the organization has constructed in the last 2 years and contains a computer literacy training room equipped with 20 desktop computers, a library as well as a skills training room.

The event also included “graduation” of 50 students who had completed training in basic computer literacy skills after 3 intensive months. Participants included students from nearby schools as well as teachers and principals.

Making remarks at the event Hon. J. Bismark Karbiah, Superintendent of River Cess County said the maintenance of the new facility remains a priority of his leadership, a commitment made to KEEP’s Executive Director Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore and partners.

“We want to see total change of River Cess County where people will have access to opportunities and help in transforming Cestos City,” Superintendent Karbiah said.

Mr. Karbiah also challenged citizens of RiverCess County to take advantage of the learning resource center to acquire skills through the opportunity provided and help to make themselves productive and independent while helping to transform the county. “If the citizens of the county capacities are built, it will help RiverCess. Only citizens of RiverCess will help in building/transforming the county. Today, we are lobbying to ensure that the teachers’
quarter is built, because payment of rent by teachers who are making
small money is challenging,” Superintendent Karbiah said.

Making remarks at the event Mr. Rukshan Ratnam, UNICEF Communication Specialist said UNICEF was pleased to support the center in the County, which will allow many people to benefit. Mr. Ratnam said about 300 students in Cestos are expected to benefit from training in reading that will improve their literacy skills.  

Mr. Ratnam said the empowerment women and girls in gender and sexual based violence will help to alleviate the cases associated with in the county and Liberia at large. “Today, RiverCess County has its first library, which brings joy and happiness to the people. Indirectly, this project will benefit students, community’s members, teachers and also neighboring counties. UNICEF believes in quality education, which prompted the organization to support the initiative,” he said. 

view of the building

Ms. Brenda Brewer Moore, KEEP’s Executive Director thanked the Indian Government for it grant which made the facility possible. She noted that it is partnerships through South-South Cooperation like these that helps lifts people out of poverty. She thanked the Indian Government for trusting in her organization to deliver and that KEEP is proud to have fully implemented the project within the timeframe.

She admonished the citizens to not just admire the building and its facilities but to take advantage of the opportunity and improve their lives.

She thanked UNICEF Liberia for the partnership and guidance in supporting KEEP with administering the project and the UN Office of South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) for managing the grant process.

The UN Office of South-South Cooperation aims at promoting Southern-owned and led, demand-driven and people-centered sustainable development projects.  In 2017, the Indian government made available $1.5 million to four countries from the Global South – Belize, Chad, Liberia and Uruguay- as initial beneficiaries of this fund.

computer training room

India has a longstanding tradition of South-South Cooperation with partner developing countries, especially Least Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States. The Fund, managed by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), was launched in June 2017 and has quickly developed an impressive portfolio ranging across varied thematic areas: climate resilience, improving maternal health, youth employment, agricultural development, and infrastructure. It is also facilitating reconstruction efforts in hurricane-affected countries.

KEEP is a registered charity in Liberia and the USA (#821262396) which supports various educational activities in Liberia with a mission to provide various resources that would facilitate access to primary education by engaging with parents, community leadership, establish community structures, and to promote social justice and development of vulnerable children and youth by strengthening their capacities. You can follow their work on www.keepliberia.com (blog) or website www.keeplib.org