-With support from the Mesurrado Consistory No 237

 Felecia Doe-Somah, Assistant Education Minister for Early Childhood Education, has called on parents to support school administrators, teachers and students for better education outcome.

Mrs. Doe-Somah made the remarks recently at a dedication of a reading room outside Monrovia by Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP).

The reading room, which is valued at US$5500 (excluding books) is expected to benefit over 250 students. Township of Arthington was honored to receive a newly rehabilitated and furnished reading room containing over five thousand books from the Kid’s Educational Engagement project or KEEP.

“This reading room will help you to improve your mind, understanding thinking and will also open your mind to things happening around us. Reading with understanding will help to inform you and prepare you for other subjects,” she said.

According to her, working closely with school’s authorities will enable parents to see the difference in their children’s lives and will assist in preparing them for the future.

Mrs. Doe-Somah said supporting the teachers and students will make the teachers to focus on the children and ensure that they pay attention to their education both at home and on campus.

“We want children to be in a class according to their age. Parents should send their children to school at the age of three years and ensure that the children are placed in nursery first. 6-year-old child should be in 1st grade and this will allow the child to graduate from high school at the age of 17-year,” Mrs. Doe-Somah said.

Mrs. Doe-Somah said sending a child to school at an early age will enable he/she to graduate at a young age, stating “body of child is not waiting.”

“Read and you will know about some of the places that it may not be even possible for you to go there, but will know the place better than people who live there. You can travel through the world by reading books,” she said.

She lauded KEEP’s executive director Brenda B. Moore for thinking about the Liberian children, especially in improving their reading skills that will gradually impact other subjects.

Minister Doe-Somah applauded director of KEEP and her team for the hard-work in buttressing the ministry’s effort by building reading rooms around the country.

Executive Director of KEEP, Brenda B. Moore lauded the principal and the Arthington Association for opportunity given to KEEP to partner with their school.

Mrs. Moore said She was honored with the level of reception received from the principal, which encouraged her to push more with the Mesurrado Consistory No. 237 for funding to build the reading room.

Mrs. Brenda Moore expressed gratitude to the staff of KEEP for the initiative and Messorrado Consistory No. 237 for the funding entrusted to her organization and confident built in KEEP for years. Jerome O. Stephenson, principal of the school who receives reading room on behave of the school and the township, expressed gratitude to KEEP and Mesurrado Consistory No.237 for thinking about the township, especially rendering such support and services.

Mr. Stephenson said the room will be maintained and well taking care of by the school and the township. He further said they’ve been gearing for opportunity for a long time and will serve as watch dogs in protecting and securing the facility.

Mr. Stephenson said Arthington was a disciplined and civilized community before the civil crisis and will not allow anyone to tarnish the good repetition of their community by burglary of the new facility.

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Before Renovation
Before Renovation