In September, KEEP conducted a Village Saving & Loan Association (VS&LA) training in Rivercess County which benefited 74 rural women. At the end of the training, the participants were divided into three groups and each group was tasked with the responsibility of establishing its own bye-laws and constitution and naming. The jubilant participants each received the amount of L$60810 totaling L$503,940.

Group 1. KPAMUHNGBO (HELP YOURSELF)  has a total thirty (30) persons

Group 2. YEAMUHNTEIN (PREPARE YOURSELF)  has twenty-three (23) and

Group 3. MARBLOATEN (WOMEN’s TIME) has a total number of twenty-one (21) women.

Each club elected its corps of officers and each member of the club received a savings book to record earnings.

This was done partnership with UNICEF Liberia with funding from the Indian Government.