On May 26, 2018 Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) organized the First Cycle graduation ceremony for learners who participated in the computer literacy and tie and dye. The ceremony was held at the Town Hall in Sappimah and was attended by family members of the graduates, community members and major stakeholders   including the paramount chief, County and District Education Officers, representative of the office of the Superintendent and a host of other well-wishers.  A total of fifteen rural community dwellers went though a successful training in computer literacy and tie and dye that started in October 2017. The training which was organized and funded by KEEP with no IMG_20180526_110155cost the participants were held at the KEEPs Resource Center in Sappimah Bopolu District, Gbarpolu County. Eight women graduated in Tie and Dye while six men and one woman graduated in Computer Literacy.

Speaking at the program, the County Education Officer Hon. Danwolo B. S. Catakaw who served as Guest Speaker started by thanking KEEP for their interventions in the County and congratulated the graduates for taking the bold step in completing the training. Hon Catakaw spoke on the theme ‘It is never too late to learn’, he challenged the graduates to make effective use the skills and knowledge that have acquired for the benefit of themselves, the community and the nation. ‘The certificates you will be receiving today are only important when they are backed by competency. Our new direction for education calls for competency against certificates or degree” He emphasized. The County Education Officer promised to work with the office of the Superintendent to recruit some of the graduates from the computer literacy class as data clerks when the need arises. ‘We want to see you practice what you have learnt and we are ready to create the avenue’ he concluded.ceo

On his part, the Paramount Chief of Bopolu Hon William Mawolo expressed gratitude to KEEP for the training and the development they are bringing into the County. In a very passionate tone he said: ‘We have seen many NGOs coming to our County but  our people did not take advantage of them. I want the community members in Sappimah to take advantage of the presence of KEEP in this County, let us support them to support us’

Other speakers at the occasion were Mr. William S. Mulbah – Acting Superintendent, Mr. Charles Kabba – District Education Officer, Mr. Anthony David – representative of the town Chief of Sappimah and Mr. Aloysius Taylor – Project Coordinator (KEEP). The Guest Speaker was introduced by student Zoe David, a K2 student at the Salma Ballah Public School while the vote of thanks was given by Robert Karman of the computer literacy class. Hon. Catakaw graciously presented the certificates. comp class grads

All eight women who graduated from the tie and dye class received a start-up package of U$100.00. Speaking after the program, one of the recipients of the post training package Mrs. Sianeh Dardue said it was a blessing for them to received the training and the package from KEEP. ‘This is good sign and encouragement for us especially when some people tried to discourage us in the beginning. I will mobilize the other recipients in a group to establish the tie and dye business and it will grow’ Madam Dardue confidently declared.