In Liberia, its not common to see play spaces for students- public or private schools. It is even rarer to see play spaces for students in rural Liberia.

Playing is important to young children as it helps them in skills development, social development, creativity, exercise, etc. and is one area that is often overlooked in a child’s educational development in Liberia.

In steps towards both improving enrollment and excitement for the new academic school year at the Selma Ballah Public school which KEEP supports, a new play space was established for the students of the school.

For many –if not all- of these children, this is a first time experience to ride a swing or see-saw and the excitement levels has been contagious. In the past, with the ringing of the school bell announcing the end of a school day, children rushed off home or in other parts of the community, however now with the play space, they line up to take rides in the swing.

We thank all of our partners who have continued to help us to make this possible. The children thank you.


KEEP’s founder testing the swing out
First timers having fun