August 24th is “Flag Day” in Liberia. And for time immemorial, students come from all across Monrovia to participate in a parade which is crowned with a salute to the President of Liberia who is usually accompanied by key government officials.

On August 24, 2017, KEEP decided to skip the parade and do something different. Something which aligns with our strategic goals. And so after several months of getting it ready, we dedicated a 4th reading room.

The room was dedicated at the Love A Child Orphanage located in Montserrado county. The orphanage also runs a school which caters to about 240 students according to their 2016 school rooster.DSC_7943

The orphanage is no stranger to KEEP as we currently have a Girls Forum established where we help them with skills training in sewing, baking and public speaking. The orphanage also happens to be one of the first locations KEEP took educational packets to during the height of the Ebola outbreak to help keep the students there academically engaged.

Mother Rebecca Wreh, the proprietress of the home thanked KEEP for opening the room. She noted that reading is essential for every human being and for students, they need to be able to read to excel in school as they cannot hope to pass any subject if they cannot read. She commended the work of KEEP not only at the orphanage over the years, but also its work across Liberia. She said the reading room may be situated at the orphanage, but it a community asset as it will be open and accessible to all the children in the community as this is the only of such facilities in the area.

DSC_7922One of the invited guests at the event, Madam Angelique E. Weeks, Chairperson of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) hailed the work of KEEP and said early childhood education is very key as it is the foundation of a child’s education. she said that phonemic awareness, reading proficiency is something that is solely lacking in our society and it is commendable to see local charities involved with building Liberia.

Speaking on behalf of the Board of Advisers, Dr. Deddeh E. P. Supuwood thanked the Executive Director of KEEP, Brenda Brewer Moore for continuing to drive the vision and goals of the organization. She noted that KEEP is excited about the work it is doing across Liberia and said that it is only Liberians who can build Liberia and that Liberia needs more people who would be be willing to volunteer and give back. Financially and morally.

This Reading Room brings to four the number of Reading Rooms the organization has established in Liberia, with the other two currently in Montserrado county.

The Executive Director of KEEP thanked companies that helped make this project possible. Companies mentioned were Royal Grand Hotel, Palm Springs Hotel, Cellcom Communications, Total Liberia, International Law Group, Jetty Trading, LISCR, United Commodity Inc. (UCI).

KEEP is a local non-profit organization that supports educational activities in Liberia. You can read more about our work on, reach them on if you have questions or would like to support our programs.