In continuation of its skills training programs, KEEP recently commenced training in baking with the young girls of the Destined Girls for Positive Change club.

The training covered the basics of baking on the basic baking ingredients, tools, etc.

Ms. Yatta Hoff, a mother of 4, has graciously volunteered her time to teaching the girls how to bake. She expressed how excited she is to be imparting knowledge to the girls and indicated that baking is passion of hers and has served as a source of income for many years. She said the enthusiasm shown by the girls during the training sessions has greatly motivated her to continue to volunteer to train them how to bake.

During the first few training sessions, the girls were taught how to measure the ingredients, uses of the various raising agents, how to mix and how to utilize and substitute key ingredients.

We at KEEP are proud of the progress the girls are making and are excited on the new skills they are obtaining.

Thanks to all who continue to make this possible by supporting our work.




Ms. Hoff proudly displaying finished product