As part of our 2017 plan of activities, KEEP commenced the construction of a Reading Room in Gboloken Community, Grand Gedeh county.

Located 12 hours away from the capital city in rural Liberia, the Gboloken Elementary School caters to more than 300 students in the community where it is located.

The school is located in Grand Gedeh county, the south eastern part of Liberia in the Tchiene district. The school covers kindergarten to 6th grade.

Currently the school and all other surrounding schools in the area does not have a library or a reading room.

This room will ensure that more than 300 school children have access, for the first time, to hundreds of books that will help them improve their reading skills, broaden their horizons, imagination and conduct research to do homework, etc.

We also intend to start a regular reading and after school support program for the students at the room.



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