Our regular reading sessions continue and we tend to combine other fun creative activities like coloring, painting, word puzzles, etc. into our reading hours with the kids.

They love it!

This is made possible through the kind donations of people both in an out of Liberia who regularly send us art and educational supplies, games and workbooks.

The kids sometimes take turns reading to the others and recently, we were pleasantly surprised when Marvelous, a second grader insisted she needed to read at a recent reading session.

And guess what? With only a few corrections, she read the book entirely on her own. It is always nice to watch how alive the kids become when the read.

We also have regular volunteers who make time to come by the Reading Rooms to read to and with the kids. One regular volunteer is Mrs. Monique Cooper Liverpool.

She’s a mother who values the power of introducing kids to books at an early age, something that is evident from her 2-year-old daughter, Avery, who loves loves loves reading Elmo books.

Recently it was hilarious watching Avery read the Elmo book she found at the room aloud while her mom tried to read a story to the kids.




Please encourage your kids to read…

We are always in need of volunteers, please contact us at info@keeplib.org if you would like to volunteer with us.