We are excited to share few pictorial updates from the school construction in Gbarpolu.

The work is coming along quite well and we are pushing to finish off most of the cement work before the rains start to fall in April/May.

The community people remain very excited about the work and continue to support with the provision of locally obtained materials.

Special thanks to Fawaz Building Materials for coming through on their pledge made during our fundraiser in December.

The General Manager, Hassan Dakroub on behalf of his company made a generous pledge of $1,000 in building materials to support our construction work in Gbarpolu. We reached out to them that we were ready for the supplies and they readily made the materials available. Thanks very much for the support, believing in the work we are doing as well as giving back to the community Mr. Dakroub.

The school once completed, will serve students not only in the village where it is being constructed, but also several surrounding towns and villages and will cater to more than 200 students.

20170204_141305 (1024x576)
Excited teacher at the building site