2017 has rolled in and we continue our ”I Can Read” weekly reading sessions with the kids.

Thanks to Korto Reeves Williams for coming by to read to the kids at the reading room recently. As usual, we promote literature written by Liberian authors and the kids enjoyed the book “The Palm Cabbage Party” written by Brandy & Milly Wolova

Have you ever heard of palm cabbage? Do you know its significance to many Liberians during the Liberian Civil War? Many of the children didn’t know and it was really fun watching them learn about palm cabbage and their views on what the civil war was about.

The kids also have a fantastic time learning some cool drawing tips and tricks from Mrs. Williams who proved that her skills extend to arts as she drew pictures of a village which the kids found “cool”.

Thanks for volunteering your time Korto. We hope to have you back soon.