KEEP started fundraising in 2016 to upgrade a public school in Gbarpolu county. We have started mobilization of locally obtained materials for the  construction work. The project is being led by the community with support of KEEP and the community decided to show us they meant business and do want their children to have a better learning space.

A monitoring team from KEEP went by to check the progress of work and saw the mothers and other village elders carrying sand they had hauled from 30 minutes walk away from their village.

They have already taken ownership and the lead in the construction of the school.

One group clears, another hauls sand, another prepares the concrete blocks while even “spectators” play a role- watching and motivating!  Because everyone is excited about the work, they all “put hands there” as we say fondly in Liberia.

This continues to completely warmed our hearts and motivated us to support their efforts even more!

Because of the short “dry season”, we are aiming to be done with the work by March.

Thanks to all who donated and continue to donate to support this project.