Earlier in 2016, the Liberian Community of Boston did a drive and packaged 300 toiletry kits for children. The kits were intended to be delivered to KEEP.

Few days ago the kits arrived and being that it is the holiday season, we decided to share a few of the kits with students who are a part of our weekly reading sessions, and more than 50 children who are a part of its Book Club.

The toiletry kits included toothbrushes, bath soap, deodorant, skin care lotion, toothpaste, etc., and were excitedly received by the students who ages range from 5-18.

Each year, the Liberian Community of Boston gives back to Liberia under its Metro-Boston Cares Program. The program was established in 2013 as an extension of the organization towards children, education, and healthcare in Liberia.dsc_1051-1024x683

This year, the Metro-Boston Cares Project was chaired by Mr. Alphonso Freeman & Ms. Jassie Senwah. Together with local churches such as the St. Augustine & St. Martin’s Church, and community members, the organization collected enough supplies to make 300 toiletry kits for children.

The mission, and purpose of The Liberian Community of Metropolitan Boston is primarily to cater to the needs of Liberians residing in Boston and its environs. The organization provides scholarship to students through its Hilaria Adams Scholarship Fund, hosts annual community celebrations each July, and a kids Christmas party where toys are provided to children in the community.

Metro-Boston as it is referred to, is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization under the leadership of President Augustus Kesselly, and Board Chair Sesay Johnson. Other long serving members include Sam Tiah, Christine Harris-Idiokitas, Marie Wagner, Georgia Tiah, and James Parsons.

Information can be found on their website www.liberianmetroboston.org or by emailing metrobostoninc@gmail.com.

KEEP extends thanks to the Liberian Community of Boston for this considerate and generous donation.

This is the first of many distributions to the students in the 3 counties that we support. Next up, Gbarpolu.