On October 14, 2016, Lonestar Cell MTN responded to the plea made by a national charity organization, the Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) with the donation of 5 brand new computers to equip its newly completed Reading Room. The Reading Room is located at the June L. Moore Public School, located in Gbengbar’s Town, along the Robertsfield Highway.

Making the donation on behalf of the company, Mrs. Miattah Walker-Pearson, Foundation Manager of Lonestar Cell MTN commented that “With the rapid growth and expansion of the ‘World Wide Web’, the world today is very small and is getting smaller by the minute; thus it is imperative that we do not deny our future leaders and decision-makers the opportunity to be a part of that expansion.”

She noted that Lonestar Cell MTN is the first cell phone company to operate in Liberia and has had a unique opportunity to meaningfully impact Liberian institutions, communities and citizens. The company is committed to supporting every Liberian in gaining access to health and education resources which are necessary to positively impact their lives and improve their livelihood.

“Education is important to society and without it, a nation will struggle to compete on a global scale”, Mrs. Pearson said.

The 5 donated computers are valued at over US$4,000.00.dsc_7259-1024x678

Receiving the computers, KEEP’s Executive Director, Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore thanked Lonestar Cell MTN for the very generous donation and assured Mrs. Pearson that the donated computers will be used for the intended purpose.

Mrs. Moore noted that the computers are the first to be donated to the school, and that the students can now use them to become computer literate and conduct academic researches online.

She praised Lonestar Cell MTN for particularly supporting the project at the public school stressing that most public schools are in dire straits and need all the supports they can get from various corporate and development partners.

Over the weekend, KEEP dedicated its second “Reading Room” at the June L Moore Public School, which now provides access to over 1000 children’s books to over 800 children especially from underprivileged backgrounds.

KEEP focuses its interventions in the educational sector around promoting a culture of reading among young learners and help these young learners improve their reading proficiency skills by sponsoring and conducting regular “reading hours”, at no costs to the students and their parents many of whom cannot afford it.