KEEP has been running a vacation enrichment program in two public schools and one of the activities we have focused on during this program is to do arts and craft activities with the students, something which they normally are not engaged in during the normal school year due to the lack of support for such activities at their respective schools.

The children loved playing with the clay dough, coloring and were just so ecstatic when introduced to watercolor painting by a local artist who came by to show them basic sketching and painting tips.

The program not only provided a safe space for the kids to be during the school break but also provided them an opportunity to see that learning can occur even while having fun.

We brought in a local artist, Teddy Jackson who worked with the kids a few days and went through basic steps on how to sketch, mix two or more colors to get new colors and how to use the paint brush to achieve different designs and outcomes.

We also had volunteer visiting experienced teacher, Aaron Jell who put in several days with the kids. It was both educational and fun and the kids had fun drawing rainbows afterwards.

We appreciate all who contributed cash and supplies and volunteered with us to help make the four weeks of fun possible. Including the teachers who came to work with the kids 4 days a week during a time when they should have been resting.