KEEP is proud to announce the completion and dedication of its first Resource Center. The dedication ceremony took place on Saturday, May 26, 2016 in Duport Road, Paynesville

The Resource center has been under construction for the last couple of months and now completed, will cater to over 800 children from low income families that attend a tuition free school called New Life Christian Academy. The school covers grades K-12 and caters to 800 students in the Mid Duport road area.

beginning nl
Beginning Phase

KEEP had supported the school in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak by providing home schooling educational kits to over 250 children in that community. Volunteer coaches would go from house to house to tutor the students and check on their progress. In 2015, the administrators of the school reached out to KEEP that the school direly needed a Library as many of the students did not have means of accessing a public library to do research, homework and just have a space to read quietly.  They were also teaching the students computer literacy but only in theory and that many of the students had never worked on a computer before nor knew how to operate one.

The school’s request aligned with KEEP’s organizational strategic goals and as such, commitments and an agreements was reached to help theschool with the completion of the structure which at the time of intervention was just lintel walls, with no floor, roof, doors, etc.

middle NL
Roofed Building

KEEP has also focused on promoting reading, particularly at the Early Childhood Development (ECD) level and the reading room will provide an opportunity to encourage developing the habit of reading among young learners. Additionally, it has been observed that many of the Liberian students graduate from high school without knowing how to operate a computer, research online and utilize the internet to help educate themselves and broaden their knowledge.

The computer lab has been fully equipped with 10 desk top computers which will provide free computer literacy trainings to both the students of the school and other students in the community

Over the last one year, through collaboration with CARD Europe and FAIR Norway, Norwegian based NGOs, KEEP was able to get 10 desktop computers (refurbished), 5 laptops (refurbished) and 1 printer. (10 Desk tops and 1 printer received, laptops pending. 5 desktops used at this site) KEEP also reach out to APM Terminals who also donated 15 refurbished desktops, 5 if which were also used at this site.

The current computer room contains 5 desktops from APM Terminals and 5 from CARD/FAIR

KEEP thanks the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) for contributing towards the shipment of the computers to Liberia along with other individual donors.

Making remarks at the dedication of the Michelle Tooley Resource Center, Deputy Minister Romelle Horton , Ph.D said “education begins in the home. From the home it goes to the community before it comes into the classroom. We need to work together to ensure that our children are educated and get the best of education. To do that, we all have to come together, from the home, teaching the children what they need to learn at home before even bringing them into the classroom.”

The Minister further noted that,  “The foundation of this country comes from the learning that we did from childhood and early learning foundation is key and this is what is being done here. I want to commend you for the work that is being done here and the vision you have for this community. The reading and computer room is for you to use for your children. Make sure you make them use it.”

The Founder & Executive Director of KEEP, Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore said she was delighted about the Resource center and the impact it will make in the lives of the children in the community and urged parents to make time to read to their children. She went on to thank the many sponsors and donors of the project who have made the shared vision a reality on this day.

KEEP thanks everyone who joined efforts in helping with the completion of the Resource Center and particularly recognizes the support of the following organizations and individuals:

  • FrontPageAfrica supplied the tiles needed to tile the floors for both rooms.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers contributed all of the furniture needed for the center which included – as well as provided the paint needed for the building and not only that, volunteered their time in helping to paint the building themselves.
  • International Bank Liberia Ltd. contributed to the purchase of 2 power supply units
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Jarwolo contributed 1 power supply unit
  • Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Solanke contributed 1 power supply unitThe following individuals and organizations contributed towards the stocking of the reading room bookshelves:

launch 7


  • Ms. Helene (Royal Hotel)
  • Cammepa Productions- Liberia Fashion Week (books, works books, game s, etc.)
  • Mrs. Nada Ajami Tondo
  • Mrs. Anneke Quoi
  • Ms. Wayetu Moore
  • Dr. Kanagasabai Udhayashankar
  • Mr. Jesse Togbadoya
  • Hon. Axel & Mrs. Fatu Addy who contributed $250 worth of books. Most of which are written by Liberian authors.
  • CARD Europe

The following individuals contributed cash which supported the payment of workmanship and the purchase of local materials for the construction:

  • Mr. Joseph Johnson
  • Mr. Emery Dennis
  • Mr. Jenkins Vangehn
  • Ms. Anna Dubrowoski
  • Ms. Caroline Brown Bowah
  • Hon. Wil Bako Freeman
  • Mrs. Rhonda von Ballmoos
  • Mr. Lawrence Morris
  • Mr. Justin Morris

– Ms. Dunia Wahid who contributed 80-% of the cash needed to purchase a generator

– CARD Europe for the collaboration in connecting KEEP with FAIR and coordinating the shipment of the computers.

– Starz Institute for the collaboration of providing IT support and training of teachers and students.

Mr. Lavala Johnson who is a student of NIIT for helping with the installation of the computers at the center.

The Resource Center has been named in memory of Dr. Michelle Tooley, a supporter of KEEP who donated the initial cash to start the project and later passed away after a battle with cancer.