Since 2014, KEEP has been supporting educational activities at the “Love A Child” orphanage and earlier in 2016 started working with the adolescent girls there to develop their communication, leadership and life skills.

The girls have chosen to call themselves “Destined Girls for Change” and despite finding themselves living in an orphanage, are determined to be great by developing various skills. 13061994_1104261769595462_6203178423547307868_n

The girls were excited to start their weekly sewing lessons couple of weeks ago and were already listing the projects they will complete in 6 months. We have 2 ladies who come in 3 times a week after school hours to teach the girls how to sew. The first step of course is to learn the various stitches and when a KEEP volunteer went there recently to check on their progress, the girls excitedly showed the stitches they had learned thus far.

Two of the girls had already gone beyond the basic stitching and are making simple  doll dresses. Awesome!

We cant wait to see how they develop their skills over the next couple of months.

One stitch, one snip at a time.

Thanks for the support of the materials to start the girls up Magdalene Harris.

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