Weeks after Liberia was declared free of the deadly Ebola virus outbreak, Brenda Brewer Moore is still on the road, dishing out educational materials and ensuring that the project she started at the height of the outbreak continues to keep needy and neglected orphans and children in Liberia in the learning mode. Liberia was declared free of the deadly virus in January, effectively putting an end to the world’s worst outbreak of the disease. The “end of active transmission” was declared, after 42 days without a new case in Liberia. Guinea and Sierra Leone have also been declared free.

On Monday, Brenda and her Kids Educational Engagement Project were at the Love A Child Orphanage off the Robertsfield Highway where Mother Rebecca Weh and her group of orphans were on hand to receive notebooks donated to KEEP by Tools for Learning. Tools for Learning is a U.S.-based initiative founded by Mr. Murray Bass, an 83 year-old who has devoted his retirement years to the cause of reversing the decline in children’s literacy levels by creating and personally funding/running a not-for-profit that serves a community of several thousand pre-schoolers annually and ensuring they enter school already literate. His work began in 2001.

Tools for Learning Steps in

Brenda says her organization connected with Tools for Learning last January and in October, Mr. Bass was ready to step in. “He told us that he was able to get some donation of books. So both his organization and keep managed to get them to Liberia and we got them actually in the month of January that’s when we were able to get them cleared from the port of Monrovia